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Telemedicine Specialist

California Dental Sleep Solutions

Sleep Apnea Dentist located in San Jose, CA

If you or your child struggles to get a good night’s sleep because of loud snoring, sleep apnea, or other breathing problems, experienced sleep apnea dentist Jaclyn Martinez, DDS, has solutions. At California Dental Sleep Solutions in San Jose, California, Dr. Martinez offers virtual telemedicine appointments to evaluate you for sleep apnea from the comfort of your home. Schedule a telemedicine appointment by phone or online today.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine at California Dental Sleep Solutions is a virtual appointment Dr. Martinez offers to help you avoid in-office dental visits. She evaluates you for sleep apnea from the comfort of your home, car, or office. You can chat with Dr. Martinez via your computer, tablet, or phone. California Dental Sleep Solutions is HIPAA-compliant to protect patient privacy.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Some of the numerous benefits associated with telemedicine at California Dental Sleep Solutions include:

  • Convenience
  • No commute time
  • Cost savings
  • No sick patient exposure
  • Personalized treatments

You receive the same premium care with Dr. Martinez during telemedicine appointments as you do during in-office visits.

What should I expect during telemedicine appointments?

During your scheduled appointment time, Dr. Martinez will have a live chat with you. She reviews your medical history and asks about your sleeping patterns and symptoms you may have, such as:

  • Loud snoring - Loud snoring can be a sign of airway obstruction and is often a symptom of sleep apnea.
  • Daytime sleepiness - Daytime sleepiness and fatigue can be caused by poor quality sleep due to interrupted breathing during the night.
  • Morning sore throats or headaches - Morning sore throats or headaches can be a result of breathing through the mouth while asleep.
  • Gasping for air during sleep - Gasping for air during sleep or paused breathing can be a sign of sleep apnea, indicating that the airway is being obstructed.
  • Paused breathing during sleep
  • Difficulty concentrating - Difficulty concentrating, irritability, and mood changes can all be linked to poor sleep quality due to sleep apnea.
  • Mood changes
  • Jaw pain - Jaw pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder symptoms such as teeth grinding or clenching
  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Other temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder symptoms

Depending on the results of your evaluation, Dr. Martinez might recommend you complete X-rays or other imaging procedures or undergo a sleep study to identify your condition and discuss possible treatment options.

What are my telemedicine treatment options?

Telemedicine evaluations with California Dental Sleep Solutions allow patients to receive expert care for sleep apnea without the need for in-office visits. Dr. Martinez, a highly skilled sleep physician, conducts thorough evaluations via telemedicine and may recommend a range of treatment options to help patients breathe easier and sleep better at night.

One such treatment option is oral appliance therapy, which involves custom-fit mouthguards that reposition the jaw or tongue to improve airflow and eliminate teeth grinding. Additionally, Dr. Martinez may recommend sleep position changes, weight loss, regular exercise, or the use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine.

At California Dental Sleep Solutions, we understand that every patient is unique and therefore we personalize each treatment plan to optimize patient outcomes. Don't let your inability to attend in-office visits prevent you from getting the sleep apnea treatment you need. Schedule a telemedicine appointment with us today, either over the phone or online, for improved sleep and well-being. With our telemedicine options, we are now offering the most advanced sleep apnea treatment options to patients who are unable to visit us in-person.